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Helping People Feel Their Greatness

My life has been dedicated to understanding, treating and teaching about brain-related phenomenon.   The greatest research contributions I made have been in the fields of dyslexia, reading and attention where I helped evolve the cognitive models that exist today.  My research (Harvard/MIT) has been recognized and rewarded over the years and although important, working directly with people to enhance their lives is far more important and enjoyable (particularly children).  There is nothing more gratifying than helping people feel and reach their greatness.  


I have evaluated some of the toughest autistic (neither speaking nor manipulating hands) and brain injury (stroke, head trauma) cases, and to me no one is disabled -- everyone is able.  Everyone is beautiful, brilliant, and has a voice to be heard and a heart that can be filled.  Everyone has an ability to thrive and optimize their potential and it is my job to help get them there.  I en​joy doing this via speaking to groups, clinical work and teaching.

Experience as a neuroscientist (fMRI, MEG and cognitive/behavioral testing) and knowledge of how we come/fail to learn and process all kind of stimuli and information, allows me to evaluate people very comprehensively and to offer the most detailed reports possible.  I often write reading/learning remediation programs unique for individuals based upon their unique way of thinking and learning, and am aware as to what should work/not work based upon my experience.  Sharing these with literacy and special education teachers is also enjoyable due to the higher numbers of people we can reach.

Should you be thinking of me speaking to your group, coming to see me, or your child coming to see me, I will share that I have a disarming friendly demeanor, am down to Earth, explain complex concepts in simple ways (things are always more simple than they may first appear), and laughter/humor are part of the routine when interacting with others.  Conferences and schools often bring me back to speak, and kids usually want to come back to my office which of course is the best sign of all ;) 


If seeing me clinically, parents can stay while I work with your child, even if you have other children with you.  There are games/toys for children and adults of all ages (from animal puppets to a small pool table) and the waiting room has a comfortable couch and desk/wifi to work at should you decide to work/stay while you wait.

I’m happy to hear your particular case/needs and see what we can learn and where we can go.

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